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Destiny from the view back


I am always intrigued when someone says, “It was my destiny” or “It is all some grand Plan” . . . or even the ill-fated “One door closes . . . another one opens”.

To me, this seems like living in blind ignorance as to what is or can be known versus what we can see NOW . . . The best analogy, for me, is the walk through tall thick grass up a gradual tall hill . . . If we were to picture life as walking through tall grass that we cannot see beyond, we have not many clues as to the triumphs or peril that await our next step. Situations and circumstances might push us through faster or cause us to veer left instead of right, but as we move ONLY FORWARD and UP . . . what we left behind becomes clearer given a “Loftier vantage point”. Even when we come to a clearing where we have two or more choices in which tangent of Forward we can go, the grass still remains a visual blockade as to exactly what waits ahead . . . we can only speculate. A large Tree may come into view or we may happen upon a river . . . the crossing or going around are just those things in life we are working through . . .

As we move UP that hill, we can see above the grass or path we left behind, This is being intellectually honest about viewing our past elevated (moving up that hill) by the wisdom gained on our journey of what possible other paths we might have taken and where they MIGHT have lead . . . We see a clearing where choice was once an option . . . we see how the other paths through the grass might have been other job or career opportunities and see how some seem to be a nice smooth trail with greater and greater benefit . . . maybe the path you did take had a tree (Problem like being fired or a Layoff) you had to find a “Work Around” (Way Around), for  the path you did take . . . what is clear now to you might be that boy or girl you COULD have ended up with and how that might have been a travesty, or a triumph in choices based on how their path looks from up higher on the hill . . .

“This is my Destiny”  . . . simply SHOULD mean, this is my path I chose. By circumstance or situation, I traversed slightly left or slightly right, and where I am now could have been easily somewhere else which you would then say again . . . “This is my destiny” . . . Is “This is my Destiny” simply saying . . . “This is where I am in my life right here . . . right now” – Then why not just say that.

I have a Car with the License plate that says “TAO” . . . simple meaning - the Way or Path . . . it is the acceptance of the NOW as a natural place of being . . . Even though you could not picture yourself with another mate, had you chosen another direction through the Tall grass, that MIGHT have been so . . . it might have turned out to be a Better or even Worse relationship. You might have chosen a different career path . . . Many will say, “My Life has to have meaning” . . . this is correct in that YOU . . . YOU decide what is meaningful for your life. Looking back across the many paths to be taken it is obvious you reacted as you did, to every situation and circumstance that might have come your way or pushed you on, in a way that could have easily gone differently.

In this, I can claim meaning in my life and embrace the Now while moving forward to see what comes next.

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