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Don't Try To Play Me

This blog is going to contain more than one story about the way people approach me, and my reactions to them.

The other day, I walked to the store on my lunch break. As I was leaving, a lady came up to me and started on a long spiel about wanting money to buy food and something about she was about to get on the bus. The odd thing is she kept bringing Jesus into the conversation in a weird way. She was inserting his name in odd places that didn't make sense. She was foreign, and probably though that because I'm an American, I was real religious and Jesus would make a difference. OK, I am American, I was raised Christian, and I do know Jesus, but she was really putting me off with it. I told her, once she finally stopped talking, that I would be more than happy to go back into the store and buy her whatever she wanted to eat, I would have even thrown in their biggest fountain drink. She then had the balls to tell me, and I quote, "No! I want enough money to buy food for the week!" I felt my face go from agreeing to stone cold in less than a second. I told her that I didn't have any money and turned and walked away. I guess Jesus wasn't strong enough at that moment. 

Several weeks ago, I was going into Kroger to buy something for dinner. As I walked up on the  sidewalk, there was a little old man that said, "Excuse me, Ma'am." I stopped and he asked if I would buy him something to eat. He wasn't asking for money, so I asked what he wanted. He said chicken would be nice. I told him to wait a minute and  I'd be right back. I went to the deli and got him two pieces of chicken, a bag of chips and a bottle of water. I wasn't sure what he liked, and figured I couldn't go wrong with water. I paid for it and took it out to him, then went back and did my shopping. Because he didn't ask for money, I was more than willing to help him. He didn't look homeless, but he didn't look far from it either. He was very thankful for what little i did for him. That made me feel good for the next few days. 

Two different stories with different outcomes, I'm not heartless, and I will help when I'm able. I just don't appreciate people trying to run a con on me. I'm not a stupid person and can see through most bogus stories. If you ask for food, but won't accept it when I offer and say you want the money to buy it yourself, you might as well be trying to talk to a brick wall. Not going to happen. Except for this next story.....

A couple of years ago, I was downtown walking to Dollar General. A guy came up to me and said he really wanted a beer and asked if I had any change. I busted out laughing and gave him about a dollar in change, that's all the real money I had on me. I told him I only gave him that because he was honest and wasn't trying to con me. I also told him that was worth the laugh he got out of me.  We talked for a few minutes and he seemed like a pretty decent person despite asking for the handout. :)

The homeless population here in Nashville is increasing almost daily. We have a lot of corporations moving here, and a lot of neighborhoods are being bought out for expensive condos and townhouses to be thrown up. A lot of the housing projects are being torn down for this very reason as well. These people are having a hard time finding another place to live, and even the full time employed are having difficulties finding something they can afford. Housing is getting very difficult to afford for the average person here. Our Mayor ran on the promise of building more affordable housing, but turns out all she was interested in was having an affair with the head of her security. She wants to spend $9 billion (yes BILLION) on a new transit system. 

If something doesn't change soon, most of Nashville will be begging for food in the streets. 

Sorry, I got a little away from myself for a minute. I guess my point is, if you really want/need help, I will help you. If all you want is money for alcohol or drugs, walk away from me. 

Thanks for reading.

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  •  Darkmajinn: 
    You have inspired me to Write Karen . . . I dare say you are my new "Muse" . . .
    Thank you for sharing.
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  •  WeylonElliott: 
    Sounds like you encounter all kinds of crazy people. I naturally look pissed off, so few people ever approach me and I have usually give them something if I had it. I give out of the goodness of my heart, what they do with it is between them and God.
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