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I can't help myself! LOL!


“BAD Bug!”

            You know the saying “it could only happen to us/him/you?” Well here is another funny story of poor Yang’s luck. We were just starting out again and my dad asked my husband if he would replace the starter in his truck. It shouldn’t be that complicated….. (Yin’s eyes rolling) Of course he took the opportunity to help my dad. From the past, we all knew this truck is never an easy fix. It likes to torture whoever works on the machine!  So picture it, my dad’s truck, three wheels on the street, the front passenger side tire on the sidewalk for a lift. Yang gets underneath the vehicle and of course the starter is in a spot where he has to wedge himself in to get to it. Yin is on the sidelines PRAYING that the truck does not fall on him. I hand him the tools as he needs because he cannot move from the spot he is at. I hear the usual grunting and groaning of a flustered man whose tools are not right for the job! I hear the clanking and tapping of a man determined to say he succeeded at taming this beast of a project! Then all of a sudden I hear Yang yell “A BUG IS BITING ME!!!!” I jumped to his rescue hoping to kill the bug or slap it away. Something! Then he mentions where the bug is biting him….. The bug crawled up his shorts and was biting him on his male body part! I could not slap it away! I could not crawl up his shorts and grab it! He was stuck under the truck! He had to lay there and let the dang bug have its meal! Of all the places the bug could have dined…. It had to choose THERE! Yang no longer does mechanical work wearing shorts! LOL! I contained my chuckles until after I knew he was okay. But I couldn't hold my tongue AFTER the incident happened. I laughed for days! Then of course the comedy of jokes came pouring out from me..... "How DARE that bug! That is MINE!" "Was it as good for you as it was for the bug?!?!" "Does this count as you cheating on me?" "I am gonna round up all my girlfriends and we are gonna kick some bug butt Jerry Springer style!" Oh the poor guy didn't hear the end of it for a long time!!!! BAD YIN!!!! LOL!

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  •  YinYang: 
    Lol! Tom I did hear that one before! ☺
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  •  TomJackson: 
    Reminds me of that old joke where a guy says his wife is in the hospital because there was a deadly spider on her face....and he killed it with a shovel.
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  •  YinYang: 
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  •  Refreshme: 
    Ha ha. Too funny.
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