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What you wear sends a message



I wonder why a lady rarely tries to advertise traits such as gentleness, kindness, sensitivity, is it because they're afraid men won't be drawn to that? Most women want to be loved and respected for who they are inside. But due to lies of culture and confusion on how to attract guys they are confounded and decide to follow peer pressure advertising what can be visibly seen...'the body' of course!



Fashion statement, sprayed-on leggings and compression pants,, short sweaters and jackets that do not quite cover the...then, when the season changes, short-shorts, skirts like wide belts, low necklines, "strappy" tops, low-riding jeans, especially with those adorable tears in the legs, cheerleader uniforms, and need I mention revealing yoga wear. Fashion, in the name of fashion one adheres to the trend, whether it brings out the best or the worst in one!


Women want to be thought of as beautiful but they don't want to be disrespected. If you flaunt, then men are bound to be attracted, short skirts, low cut shirts, a few guys have that macho image to maintain, the sexual conquest they can brag about, other guys are more mature and show a lot of respect. Little boys like to exaggerate. Real men who are confident and secure don’t have to brag to feel good about themselves. Women respect a man more who can keep silent about what happens in private. 




Where can they draw the line? Showing too much or showing almost nothing? Many young women feel it is social suicide to stick out in the crowd. Why is it important to fit in? Tongues wag so what? Parents and daughters have been fighting over what is “appropriate” dress for generations. Every woman remembers tangling with her mother over the hairstyles or fashions of the day. But the undertones of the disagreement are different now, sharpened by the explosion of sexual imagery on television and the Internet, in movies and advertising, and in the marketing of sexy and provocative clothing to an ever-younger audience.


Character runs deep. Men don't get turned on if you show them the wares, sorry for being blunt but I wince when I see women partially covering their assets. When will they understand where to draw à line between cheap vulgarity and svelte seductiveness? A woman can dress neatly, decently and yet look sexy and appealing.  Don’t dress to elicit a reaction or because of what you think people might think about you. It shouldn’t influence the decisions you make while getting dressed or doing anything else.It is your closet, your heart, and your life. No one knows those things better than you.


If your clothes are too big or too small, they are not going to look good. Always ensure that you wear a proper fit. Avoid too short hemlines, plunging necklines and exposing under garments. Over-sexualization means over-provocation, Never wear clothes that are too distracting, it is the visual equivalent of shouting;)) 



Your style probably isn’t what’s walking down runways, featured in fashion magazines or even what your friends are wearing. When you start wearing the clothing you like the most and that fits you the best, you will naturally develop a personal style that reflects your needs, your lifestyle, and your desires. Your SMILE is your stand out piece! You look happy, friendly and very approachable. Your wardrobe choices should be basic, not to conflict with the positive essence that is you! You look like a ray of sunshine and no wardrobe piece could ever outshine that;))


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  •  Darkmajinn: 
    Well done my dear Veena!
    I always try and dress for the occasion . . . be it a Hike in the mountains or a leisure walk on the beach, to a more formal dinner with friends, I look to clothing that fit/compliment my body type. This includes color choice (Pallets that flatter my skin tone and hair color) as well as any graphic design that lures the eyes towards my assets and away from my faults.
    When I work out in my gym, I notice the very tight workout pants women wear (I notice because I am male and still possess sight) . . . What I want to ask but am afraid to because it might come across as "Creepy" is . . . to they allow for you to breath? Not literal breath but the skin . . . I tend to run "Hot" and that is my body temperature I am referring to . . . so Cotton is my preferred work out fabric, but these skin tight pants or shorts women wear . . . is it comfortable for the skin . . . While the hug the curves I can't help but wonder "Dear Gawd, they MUST be dying in those things . . . "
    As you know I am curious by nature, so if you could share I would be delighted . . . IF you don such apparel, that is.
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  •  YinYang: 
    Wonderful Veena! So true! I especially love the last line!
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  •  Veena: 
    Thank you Wey, Dr.Steve Maraboli says,'when you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn't define her, it defines you. Ladies never allow yourself to be defined by someone's inability to appreciate your unique beauty'.
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  •  WeylonElliott: 
    Thank you Veena. I feel it is very attractive to see a woman neatly and conservatively dressed.
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