I had recently watched a video about the concept of Free Will from a couple of people I admire and they kept referring to "Free Will" or "Will" as the ability to choose freely without influence from an outside source. I quickly typed up this as it struck m
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  I am always intrigued when someone says, “It was my destiny” or “It is all some grand Plan” . . . or even the ill-fated “One door closes . . . another one opens”. To me, this seems like living in blind ignorance as to what is or can be known versus what
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The Moral “Self”   Preface: If you are religious please do not take offense. What I offer is my own subjective reasoning gathered from years of forum debates on and on, as well as experiences and various books I have read regarding Mor
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Everyone has to be Somewhere . . .
Reasoning and Logic as a way of life
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