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  “BAD Bug!”             You know the saying “it could only happen to us/him/you?” Well here is another funny story of poor Yang’s luck. We were just starting out again and my dad asked my husband if he would replace the starter in his truck. It shouldn’t
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It is no secret in the Yin and Yang household that Yin is not much of a cook. Yang likes to say that the flies pitch IN to buy us a screen door and that Yin’s meat loaf glows in the dark…. Which is funny since I have never attempted to cook a meat loaf! An
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“The Nefarious Shoes!”                 Here is Yin’s scary campfire story……..  It all began in a little Target store not too far from here. I was innocently walking through the shoe department. Softly, I heard a tiny voice calling “Yin, Yin, look at me! Yo
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We put the fun in dysFUNctional! What can I say!?!
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