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Hi everyone, It's nice to have a place to blog again, and I intend to take full advantage of it. This first blog is not going to be a happy one, but I need to get it out.  MOM I never had the best relationship with my mother, she was a very difficult perso
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                                      Raging on aging   The other day someone offered some candy, the stuff which I always found dandy, made me cringe with distaste. Has aging laid waste? Age is a number, they say. But which number? Some say it is
Veena 25.01.2018 4 262

                             I wonder why a lady rarely tries to advertise traits such as gentleness, kindness, sensitivity, is it because they're afraid men won't be drawn to that? Most women want to be loved and respected for who they are inside. But due
Veena 28.03.2018 4 136

It is no secret in the Yin and Yang household that Yin is not much of a cook. Yang likes to say that the flies pitch IN to buy us a screen door and that Yin’s meat loaf glows in the dark…. Which is funny since I have never attempted to cook a meat loaf! An
YinYang 26.03.2018 4 104

This blog is going to contain more than one story about the way people approach me, and my reactions to them. The other day, I walked to the store on my lunch break. As I was leaving, a lady came up to me and started on a long spiel about wanting money to
Karen 11.02.2018 2 183

Hey, I found out I can make a blog post!!! I missed all of you so much.  Rooster and I had some kind of fight that, really, I don't remember.  It was unimportant and we were both at the wrong moment and I didn't even know WHY we were fighting.  But we were
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A best test blog to edit
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                                               Behind The Walls    Prison is its own world. Prison has its own rules, written and unwritten. It is an  environment the majority of the public don't know or understand. It is virtually  impossible to know a f
Walter 13.03.2018 14 181

I had recently watched a video about the concept of Free Will from a couple of people I admire and they kept referring to "Free Will" or "Will" as the ability to choose freely without influence from an outside source. I quickly typed up this as it struck m
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When the Constitution was written: Infant mortality rate was high and sickness was usually a death sentence. Superstition was wide spread. Most people worked on or owned farms. The south had wealthy plantation owners who’s land was worked by slaves of Afri
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