Dr. Theodore Baroody perhaps says it more clearly than anyone in his book Alkalize or Die. No waiting around while reading through the first half of the book for the main point here, it is right

on the cover. Of course there is a lot more details in the book but this is among the most direct titles I have ever

seen, directly to the point and letting you know directly to get yourself alkaline or prepare for death, likely in a

cruel way.

 Here is a quote from Alkalize or Die:

"The countless names attached to illness do not really matter. What does matter is that

they all come from the same root cause ....too much tissue acid waste in the body!.....

    While acidity can affect the entire body and wreak havoc on any of your vital organs, perhaps

one of the things that most people know is caused by acidity is that dreadful condition known as

gout, which most often affects the feet. I don't think there is any point in going into too much

detail about gout but for those of you who have not experienced it, it is terribly painful. A pain

that is caused from uric acid buildup in the body. If the body becomes over acidic, your elimination

organs can only handle so much and gout or a host of other maladies may occur. You probably

understand that is takes time to drain a pool to remove all the dirty water for the purpose of

removing debris as well as cleaning and repairing the liner, and if you are adding filthy water to pool

while you are draining it, you aren't going to make any progress. The same goes for your body, if

you have gout or some other condition caused by acidity, I like using gout as an example as it is

common knowledge it is caused by too much uric acid in the blood, and you continue to add acid

to it such as cola, beer meat and grains, there will be no relief in sight.

 However if one chooses to eat wisely, maybe 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic if you are already

sick, the body should have what it needs to correct itself. We cannot expect to just ignore what we

put into our bodies and not expect some kind of repercussions. The pharmaceutical industry has

medication that is FDA approved to treat gout


and maybe this is what some people need who cannot or will not get the condition under control by




Personally I do not see why medication is deemed necessary to treat or prevent gout. Sodium

bicarbonate, or baking soda is produced naturally in the body by the pancreas to help alkalize

the body, particularly after digesting foods which requirehydrochloric acid (HCl) to digest.

The sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the acid, and if it weren’t for this, the acid in our stomach

could cause a lot of damage. Oftentimes people eat food in the wrong combinations or just

simply eat the wrong foods and the body has more acid than it can eliminate in a reasonable

time and might benefit from a ingesting a bit of baking soda as Karen says in her Article ‘The

Pharmacy in Your Pantry’. While she suggests mixing it in water and drinking it, I prefer using

capsules. My reason for this is quite simple, I do not like the taste of water with baking soda

in it. Not many things disgust my taste buds when it is for health’s sake, but baking soda water

does. At any rate, however one can get it in their acidic body, it can neutralize the acid quickly.


 Lactic acid is produced by the body when we put the muscles under a lot of stress or

prolonged stress. For this reason, a lot of long-distance runners do what is known as

‘baking soda loading’ before the run. Apparently consuming a lot of baking soda

will neutralize the lactic acid before it can build up and cause many athletes to give out due

to pain even if they still have the energy to go.


 I have not tried baking soda loading but I have used Beta Alanine and it greatly enhanced my

ability to lift much more weight and to do more repetitions by preventing the lactic acid buildup.

Even if you do not workout, you should know that for some reason unknown to me, a lot of

man-made foods contain lactic acid. Why any food-like substance manufacturer would put

an ingredient that is known to cause pain in a product people eat or drink is beyond me.

One must be careful and read ingredients on every label if serious about being healthy.


The subject of alkalizing your body seems very simple but most people just do not understand

how important it is. A consistently alkaline body is a healthy body. There are three things each

cell must have to be healthy, a consistent blood-sugar level, a consistent temperature and a

consistent pH, all within a very specific range with very little margin of error.


 We all know what happens when blood sugar levels get out of control or if the body

temperature drops too low or gets too high but I’m here to tell you that the alkalinity of

your body is equally as important. If I recall correctly, the last time I looked at a test

performed by a doctor to check my pH, 5.0 was considered to be in the normal range.

This is completely wrong in my opinion. The blood needs to be at a very specific pH of

about 7.36 and the blood will pull magnesium, potassium, sodium or whatever it

can from other parts of your body in order to maintain this pH. In turn, this can cause

other parts of the body to become acidic, and therefore prone to disease.


There are plenty of foods that can help alkalize your body and lists of alkaline/acidic foods

can be found in many places on the internet doing a quick Yahoo or Google Search. Many

of the foods that help alkalize your body may surprise you because the foods are acidic,

such as lemon and grapefruit. For the sake of keeping this article short, we are not going to

go into further detail about the foods you should and should not eat.


 By now you should know how important it is for you to become alkaline. A healthy body

is pretty good at alkalizing itself as long as one eats decently. One thing I am going to

mention briefly is alkaline water machines. There is one machine on the market that does

this and is priced about $5,000 and there is the Oasis machine that apparently does the

same thing for about $1,000. I have had water from the super expensive machine and do

not recommend it at all. Spring water, as people would naturally drink is a bit acidic because

of mineral content, but as I have mentioned, lemons are also acidic but help alkalize the

body. So many people talk about how the expensive water machine improved all sorts of

conditions. I have many theories on this but one I believe is probably most accurate is these

people are drinking more water than ever before because they just spent $5,000 on a water

machine! Dehydration can cause a lot of problems and getting people to drink more water is

a good thing. I’m not totally opposed to alkaline water but a lot of people selling these machines

don’t teach a lot of things about it, such as do not drink it with a meal, as it interferes with

digestion. A lot of money is spent marketing the expensive machine and of course as in all business,

those costs are passed onto the consumer. I drink mainly bottled spring water, it is natural. I

don’t know if alkaline water exists in nature except for salt water.


 If you have a lot of money to spend and want a super expensive machine that talks to you,

or if you want an Oasis machine, by all means go for it. Anything that will help alkalize your body

and maintain it at the correct pH is money well spent in my opinion. Sometimes people spending

way too much money for a product will help them use it more.


 You have the knowledge of the importance of alkalizing your body if you like living,

what you do with the knowledge is entirely up to you.


 I owe a great deal of my knowledge on the importance of becoming and staying alkaline to

a doctor who was on a coast to coast radio program. I cannot recall his name and have searched

without any luck. He taught me about the Oasis water machine and also the importance of fulvic

acid. I will credit this doctor as soon as I can find the recording of the program.


 I appreciate your comments or any additional information you would like to add, thanks for



  Disclaimer: None of the information in this article or any part of is known

to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose

any disease, illness or condition. See a licensed medical practitioner right away with any health

concerns. and/or any member thereof is simply providing information

that may or may not be approved by the FDA.


I am speaking as a man of faith when I write. I am not a licensed healthcare practitioner.

I reserve my rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech to bring you this information.

It is up to each individual who reads this or any article within this website to take responsibility

for his/her own actions. If you cannot understand this, please discontinue the use of

and consider all the contents you have read thus far to be fictitious.


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    Lemons do not alkalize the body. It's pure woo and chemically impossible. Also, spring water is high in minerals. That part is true. It being acidic is false, the minerals are typically alkaline.
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