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Hi folks, welcome to Poets Parade, it is a group wherein you could contribute poems in any form, you just let your creative juices out, in other words turning poetry into poet-try! You may write about anything in this world, you may choose the nature of poem. In other words, it is your place, let th…
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California , United States
27.01.2018 From Veena
"Talk central" for Movies and "Good" Television Shows. I promise to give an unbiased, as possible, Review of recent movies as well as make recommendation on treasures you MIGHT not be aware of. Also, non-Prime Time television shows you might like. I hope to get the same information from other member…
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United States
13.02.2018 From Darkmajinn
A group for those who are not opposed to speaking about politics, but do not want to be run over by extremists nutcases as we walk down the peaceful streets of askerspick. This group is just a place to have fun, many of us are intelligent enough to still get along with people who do not share all ou…
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Nunnelly, United States
31.01.2018 From WeylonElliott
This group is dedicated to all the cat lovers out there. Please post pics and stories about your cats, or your friends cats.
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United States
14.01.2018 From Karen
Connect with people who care and are willing to listen. Are you going through a tough time, just bored and want to chat? Whatever your reason for visiting, we hopefully have someone right here that is willing to help. Our members are discouraged from participating in "Adult Chat" and simply talk to …
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United States
28.04.2018 From WeylonElliott
This group is dedicated to all funny or unusual stories involving your daily travels. This group is sistered with my Facebook page with the same name. Please share your stories here.
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United States
15.01.2018 From Karen
This is a support group for people who just do not feel pretty in German dresses.
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Detroit, United States
21.01.2018 From WeylonElliott
This is for all people who are dedicated to eradicating the diseased invasive feline plague.
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Pyongyang, Korea, North
19.01.2018 From Glis