This group is dedicated to all funny or unusual stories involving your daily travels. This group is sistered with my Facebook page with the same name. Please share your stories here.

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  •  NormalNobody: 
    I was very young at this time, so please remember this is pieced together from a very young memory and being an adult and putting the pieces together in my head from an adult standpoint.

    I had no idea we were in trouble at this time. I still remember the name, The Sunset Motel. We were driving from NJ to Virginia, which is a long drive, but with two small children had a lot of stops. So it was very late in the night/morning (I think it was almost 1am, which for me I was happy because it was 1am and I was allowed to stay up, lol) and we still had a bit to go so we looked for a vacant hotel, which wasn't easy. Then we found it.

    I remember some one talking to my father, who, my father later told me was a pimp. He was offering his... um... services to my dad (in front of my mother, btw) The hotel itself was horrible. Dirty, bad TV, people coming in and out, slamming doors, and a pimp and prostitute yelling at each other all night. We wound up pushing everything we could move to block the door because some drunk dude really didn't get he had the wrong room, and we were afraid the door wouldn't hold. I was NOT allowed under the covers, which I couldn't understand for the life of me and was very upset, and the people next to us were banging and making noises I (at the time) didn't understand (yeah, very loud sex)

    So, apparently it was one of those "hourly" places. You know those kinds of places. But, with tired and whiny 8 and 12 y/o daughters, sleep deprived, and being passed away by every place we pulled in (I guess something was going on in... whatever state we were in) we stayed. My mom knew what it was. I remember not being as scared as my sister, until the banging drunk guy, which sparked the fight between him and the pimp, and later said pimp took it out on whatever girl he was... using. Actually, at the time, I was most mad I couldn't sleep under the covers, lol. In the light of day, everyone was gone, and we were safely able to leave and continue our trip.
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  •  Karen: 
    This is from my Facebook page. Just thought I'd get it started with this story:

    I'm at the bus transfer station and I just stepped outside for a cigarette before my bus gets here. There is a lady standing against the wall behind me. She had what looks like a towel hanging out the top of her shirt exposing quite a bit of her ta-tas. She had on no bra and she's a senior citizen.... you get the idea. She walks over to me and asks if I have an extra cigarette. I gave her one and she proceeded to keep talking. Asked what I was going to do for Halloween tonight, told her I was going home and finish cleaning my living room. Then she said she could tell I have Cherokee in me due to my cheek bones. Ummmmm OK.... I have the cheek bones of a piece of plywood....they are flat, plus I have no color to my skin at all. I told her that I didn't, that I was Scott/Irish and British. She said she could tell that the way I talk. Huh?
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