A group for those who are not opposed to speaking about politics, but do not want to be run over by extremists nutcases as we walk down the peaceful streets of askerspick. This group is just a place to have fun, many of us are intelligent enough to still get along with people who do not share all our beliefs. Still I will not tolerate any hate speech, particularly toward other members in any of my groups. Let us use this group for asking funny political questions, and posting funny quotes, videos and photos from politicians around the world. I know politics is a thing many like to talk about, and if you want a more serious group where people genuinely care about your serious questions, just create a new group. Here we intend to poke fun at politics. hopefully better than SNL.

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Definition of anti-political


: opposing or reacting against traditional political policies and principles.
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  •  Bozette: 
    @Karen: Proving what some of us already knew...female politicians are not any better.

    @CP: It was a good speech. But really, most SOTU speeches are, they are just part of the pomp of the presidency, imo. Half the audience ALWAYS remains seated. Still, Pelosi added some entertaining faces to the usual frowns on the seated side this year. :)
     02.02.20181 replies1 replies 
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  •  Carbonproduct: 
    What did you think of President Trumps State of the Union Speech? I thought it was better than great. How embarrassing for the extreme left (deep state) who never clapped or stood up when everyone else did. It really showed how much they hate America.
     02.02.20181 replies1 replies 
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  •  Karen: 
    Let me start off with what's happening here.....Our Mayor, Megan Berry, Nashville's first woman Mayor, just got caught having an affair with her head of security. Both are married to other people. First it was announced that he had turned in his resignation yesterday, then later we found out why. He had made a small fortune in overtime, and the two of them had taken several trips together. Nashville is in a bit of an uproar right now, because we are wanting to know how much tax payers money was used for them to be together. This is one of the biggest scandals to hit Nashville in decades.
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